This is probably going to go like us bumping in a bar, with me feeling bad while adding slapstick for humor, and you being embarrassed maybe more for me than yourself. I’m “Senor Tres”, good to meet you. I’m sorry I bumped your drink, I’m off in warped thought land most of the time, I can’t help it. Let me get you another one, hopefully I don’t spill it and need more of your patience so I can get you a 3rd.

Okay, that’s out of the way. I’m curious about you, so don’t be creeped out when I say I look a lot–maybe too much–at things that you say. This world of mine is crazy small, so it helps me to see things outside, and maybe make a friend for as long as someone can deal with my shit. I can promise it would be a wild ride (!) at least.

To give you an idea about me in return–I haul down the written word like I’m about to die. I read a lot. A lot of it isn’t mental health food, and I’m told “OMG you haven’t read X what’s wrong with you?” a lot, but that’s it. I am enthralled with the human condition. There’s a lot involved, so I take from as much as I can. The patterns I draw based on that force me to jot them down, and unfortunately they’re misunderstood a lot, but that’s ok–in the end, if there’s an end endured, things can change.


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