some things getting the ole mull-over

Just a quick rundown of some stuff I’m mulling over and plan to dive into later:

  • Power and history: As an insight into my twisted way of thinking, history as both archaeology and a traditional science fueled by things like statistics has shown me great connections to the human condition and our lives.  Whereas in school I could never connect with history as a subject, nowadays I see great application.  In parallel I’ve followed ideas about exploitation by compromised leadership to socio-economic concepts like free markets and peaceful anarchy, mixed economies, mixed social organization approaches, and more communal concepts.  I’ve compared and contrasted these ideas with history, and I want to get some things that have resulted mentally for me out.  I gotta take a mind restroom break, I’m crossing my mental legs here.
  • Evolution of labor specialization vs current monetary policy goals: labor has evolved over time from effort directly exerted to support core life needs to greatly specialized effort sold as service value that requires increased social bonding.  I want to explore that along with some trends in the big picture that might be related in ‘interesting’ ways.
  • Exploring potential limitations/risks of ‘fully free’ markets: there’s been a lot of possibly narrow thought and talk lately about the concept of ‘fully free’ markets (along w/pros/cons vs other approaches).  History might have something subjectively/objectively/statistically to say about human tendencies regarding that.  Philosophy might even be worth looking at too.
  • DIY awareness: I will not lie, I am all about power to the people (confession–romantically so).  I want to capture my own motivations and approaches towards do-it-yourself growth in self awareness through learning, logic, and independent thought.  This is where I try to give back in my own feeble way.  It’s in accord with my ability, so don’t laugh at my present being small and ratty and not forced by social convention.  I’ll probably start by looking at disciplines built on growth of bodies of understanding (ex. sciences like physics, astronomy/astrophysics, sociology/anthropology, economics, etc).  Next I want to go over some great ways to apply related approaches to self awareness.  I’ll want to wrap up with some thoughts about what creating self awareness can do for us beyond putting some of us to sleep and keeping some of us up all night.
  • Survey of significant thought and work to date on labor: I want to really try to dig in with a fully exhaustive look around at what’s been done for labor to date.  I have what feels like a serviceable understanding already of prominent contributors across the spectrum, but this might sit on the back burner a little as I do some more “exercise for the reader” kind of stuff in the background.  It’s a keen humanitarian interest for me with some seriously wide/deep space.

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